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The disruptor in the Dutch market of parcel delivery (name translates to: “Save your Parcel”) for whom instant speed (same-day) and customer happiness are key. Red Je Pakketje has developed a specialised delivery network for same day & next day deliveries. This allows e-commerce to ship & deliver orders purchased online on the same day; nation wide. A service trusted by leading e-tailers such as Bol.com & Amazon.

Red Je Pakketje considers the delivery man as the main representative of a webshop and customer happiness as a key goal. In fact Red Je Pakketje is the only parcel delivery company in their market with an Excellent Trustpilot score. Considering this Red Je pakketje is convinced that a delivery requires a predictable and high on time performance rate at scale and green. This is possible, thanks to an ultramodern IT system, including the Plotwise real-time route planning system.

On top of that, Red Je Pakketje has the inspiring ambition of becoming the first nation-wide CO2 neutral delivery operator. A global first.

As Plotwise we are proud partners in joining the “Think different, I’m lovin’ it & Just do it” mindset of Red Je Pakketje and help them achieve the fastest, zero-emission and amazing customer experience delivery network.

“In Plotwise we found the perfect planning partner to become the first fully sustainable, same day delivery company"

Sam Rohn, CEO at Red Je Pakketje

Plotwise planning is crucial for our highly service driven delivery business. With our focus on same day delivery, a real time planner is essential. Combined with a highly scalable and future proof solution we are very well positioned to take on our growth ambitions.

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