The next generation planning platform.

Delivery operators and e-commerce companies use the Plotwise Planning API to optimise their urban delivery costs and improve their customer experience. Plotwise provides a fully configurable API to support virtually any delivery model, including instant, same day, next day, and specialised home deliveries.

    Automate and optimise

    Embrace urban logistics and avoid empty vehicles. Plotwise provides digital flexibility that offers the optimisation and the adjustment of your capacity in real time.

    Increase customer focus
    Unlock the innovation of new services such as offering time slots you already know you can fulfil, adding value by offering product installation, packaging removal, and more sustainable delivery choices.
    Leverage driver feedback

    Get drivers’ knowledge out of their heads and into your strategy. Capture their intel – where to park to avoid fines, which roads are bad at school pickup times – and put it to work for you.

    Be in operational control

    Incorporate Plotwise with real-time integrations in your existing supply chain software in order to regain grip on operations. A solution that provides full control.

    Artificial intelligence based route optimisation

    Orchestrate consumer behaviour & dynamic operations thanks to smart technology, on the fly algorithms and continuously learning data-sets.

    Ultra local & fully tailored maps

    Let your planning adjust to the real world, regulatory limitations and leverage map infrastructure optimised for your specific network, fleet, drivers & goals.

    urban logistics process

    A 24/7 partner, not a supplier

    Relying on data

    Plotwise enables you to harness the power of data. We process and combine large public & proprietary data sets to let you improve quality, capture knowledge and gain insights.

    Plug & play implementation

    We know how risky it can be to start implementing software and making mistakes are easily made. That’s why we came up with a scalable plug and play solution.

    Integrated in your ecosystem

    Take advantage of a standardised yet fully configurable API that integrates & communicates with existing systems used by your customers, planners, drivers, and depot managers.

    Native cloud API

    Plotwise is designed for API driven development and comes out of the box with robust compliance and security measures in place. Covering a.o.: availability, security, integrity, quality, performance, compliance, continuity, warranties, insurances, ISO certified hosting.

    Pay per order

    Why pay if your not using software? That’s why we have invented a dynamic pricing model that is based on the amount of packages that you deliver. 

    Future proof partnership

    We are constantly working on the invention of new optimisation algorithms, deep learning models and design of supportive tools. By working together in strong partnerships we believe we can tackle the most challenging mobility problems we face today and in the future.

    delivery planning whitepaper

    Five steps to better delivery planning

    Learn all about how a new approach can help your business be more successful.