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To deal with the continued move from offline to online, PostNL is investing significantly in their networks, increasing flexibility and working with sector and innovation partners such as Plotwise. One of these networks is PostNL Food, focused on a high delivery service for food, ranging from food boxes to supermarket orders. Service for this segment is key, especially the predictability of the delivery time so the fresh food get’s in the hands of the customer; coming back the next day with meat or lettuce is not an option. Given the need for service quality, PostNL embarked on a planning partnership with Plotwise.

Since the roll-out the service levels have increased significantly while the costs are kept in control. These improvements on both quality and efficiency are empowered by the Plotwise real-time route planning system.

“We are delighted with the significantly increased customer satisfaction, while still being cost efficient”

Eline Kamerbeek, Product & Business Development at PostNL Parcels

“Plotwise proved us that it is possible to both increase customer satisfaction as well as keeping costs under control; a powerful mix. On top of that we have been able to fully automate our planning process using the high quality Plotwise planning solution.”

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