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Interview at BNR Zakendoen

It is always busy at webshops in December, but this corona year sales are reaching a record high. Plotwise plans the delivery for their customers with self-learning software. And they want to do the same for the rest of Europe. Plotwise founder Michel Boerrigter is a guest at BNR zakendoen

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Interview on Fast Moving Targets Top Names

About one and a half million parcels are delivered in the Netherlands every day. This results in a jumble of vans driving back and forth. Plotwise ensures that this can be done more efficiently. CEO and founder Michel Boerrigter talks in Top Names about consumer behaviour, data, machine learning in

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Telegraaf: Ending the delivery crisis

This week marks the prominent peak for parcel deliverers, with carriers pulling out everything they got to get the Christmas presents under the tree in time. But, despite all the extra manpower and vans, there is still a world to be won, says entrepreneur Michel Boerrigter of Plotwise from Delft.

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