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When buying a washing machine or a TV, the delivery can be a challenge for customers. They have to be home to open the door, it can not be delivered to their neighbours. It has to be placed in a specific location in the house and connected before it can run properly.

Coolblue has therefore developed a nationwide 2-man CoolblueDelivers and TV delivery infrastructure, with a multi modal character.

These and other Coolblue networks are offered via a service where customers can choose a time slot for delivery and select evening delivery based on the Plotwise real-time route planning system. In order to further reduce emissions the Plotwise solution ensures a high stop density.

“With Plotwise powering our delivery planning, we are able to deliver every order with a smile"

Remco de Jong, Head of Last Mile Delivery at Coolblue

“Since we embarked on this innovative partnership in 2018, we have rolled out the Plotwise planning solution to all our in-house delivery teams in The Netherlands and Belgium. We are especially proud being the first e-commerce company that provides real time, smart delivery suggestions at the check out. This has resulted in a significantly increased customer satisfaction and at the same time increased efficiency. Plotwise is therefore a very valuable partner in the growth of our company.”

Building to last with sustainable delivery modes

In order to further reduce the carbon footprint, a large part of the packages that are suitable for bike delivery by bike, are delivered by bike. Coolblue developed a specialised CooblueBikes network of bike delivery drivers in urban areas such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Tilburg, Haarlem, Antwerp, Brussels and Ghent.

At Plotwise we are proud partners in helping Coolblue develop and realise the most customer-friendly delivery services in The Netherlands, Belgium & Germany.

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