Delivery planning reimagined

The next-generation planning infrastructure for scheduled and on-demand deliveries

Get the best out of delivery planning
with our Continuous Planning Solution

Continuous Planning helps businesses handle large volumes whilst not conceding on service quality, human resources and environmental impact

Back in the driver seat

We challenge problems that in theory are unsolvable in order to put you back in control of your operations, goals & KPIs.

Planning Service Provider

You ensure a great service to your customers, we take care of the increasingly challenging dynamics of planning.

Rich data & AI

Harness the power of data. We process and combine large public & proprietary data sets to let you improve quality, capture knowledge and gain insights.


Continuous planning optimisation

Leverage the power of dynamic algorithms and continuously learning data-sets to make planning adaptive to customer demands and real time (traffic) events. Regain grip on operations, customer happiness and costs.

Embrace the future of planning

Increase customer happiness on a large scale by providing dynamic pick-up and delivery services such as time slot picking.

State of the art algorithms

Meet the full potential of your depot, fleet, drivers and even your network capacity with our continuous optimisation services.

Implement in existing landscape

Integrate via our API and let Continuous Planning communicate with existing systems used by your customers, planners, drivers, and depot managers.

Under the hood

High Density Mapping

Unlock valuable insights from the real world


Always have the best location for every single parcel. No matter the quality of your data, enjoy the highest accuracy in any region, country or network.

Urban logistics

Let your planning adjust to the real world, regulatory limitations and leverage map infrastructure optimised for your specific fleet, drivers & goals.

Improve everyday

Close the loop by adapting and learning in real time from various inputs such as floating vehicle data, customer interventions or drivers’ insights.

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Solving problems that
are unsolvable

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